Does & Don't of multiple disasters- Sambal member upload

This is a capsule book for peer educators but useful to all for their understanding and practice.

BY: Shyam Kumar Singh
Original Source / Author: Bihar Sewa Samiti, Madhubani 08 Jan, 2018

This document intends to provide a capsule note to the Peer Educators, School safety focal point teachers and all others on does & don’ts of multiple disasters, e.g.- Earthquake, flood, fire thundering etc.  It also contains preventive norms of devastating incidences.

This capsule note is in Hindi language so that it may be more helpful even in the remote areas of Bihar and easy for all to read, understand and practice. 

Contents in the document are based on the field experiences and practice of the common people who really exposed to the hazards and face/ response to the situations as well.

Hope this document will help to learners, practitioners and educators to learn and facilitate the communities.  

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