Climate Change and its Impact on the Wetlands of North Bihar- Sambal member upload

This Study is focused on the climate change and its Impact on the wetland of North Bihar due to various human activity. This study includes problem identification, methodology, finding of this study and their conclusion.

Original Source / Author: SINHA C.P. 08 Jan, 2018
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 Bihar is one of the major states of India. It is located almost in the middle of the Gangetic plain. The river Ganga divides the state in two parts, the northern region is known as North Bihar. It is the playground of many rivers originating in Nepal which characteristically carry water during monsoon far beyond their carrying capacities with massive silts. These rivers have meandered in the past and changed their courses leaving many natural depressions that later were converted into ox-bow lakes. They are dying. Climate change is likely to compound and worsen the situation. In the present study, long-term temperature and rainfall data relating to the region were statistically analysed and as a result it was found that while the temperature was increasing, the rainfall showed a declining trend. On test, the rainfall data used in this study were found to be consistent. The finding indicates the future danger and calls for comprehensive research for coming to a conclusive and definite result. A quick assessment and adoption of remedial measures without delay are imperative. 

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